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One of your closest relatives disappeared.  In order to find them, you enter in a strange curiosity cabinet. You’ll be then invited to draw 3 tarot cards and solve their puzzles to find information about the disappearance of this cherished person.

Augure is an escape game for one or two players created at the ENJMIN (National French School for Games and Digital Interactive Media) by 9 students.  It uses several technologies such as: Arduino leds, a digital screen, connected lights, sound AI, a 5.1 sound device... On this page, you can find assets and videos of the experience. Enjoy!


Benjamin DARMON - Sound Designer ( LinkedIn )

Coralie FENIELLO - Game Designer ( LinkedIn )

Constance GAUTIER - Producer (itch.io)

Amaury HAULER - UX Designer ( LinkedIn )

Axel MALHERBE - Narrative Designer

Jorge NOGUEIRA - Programmer

Manon PIERI - 2D Artist / Environment Artist ( Artsation - Linkedln )

Clément PILATE - Game Designer

Baptiste PREVOST - Programmer


Augure.zip 438 MB


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Hello, I'm having trouble playing Augure. Right at the beginning, I can't seem to close the book after the narrator says to look around. Please help! I really want to play through your game.

This is a game-breaking bug and it appears that everyone else in the comments is having the same issue.


i'ts just a book how play????


Might be stupid of me, but I can't seem to close the book.

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Merci pour cette immersion dans le monde Steampunk avec mystères, réfléxions et enquète :D 

Voici votre vidéo pour ce chouette dispositif ludique que vous m'avez fait découvrir 

Bonne chance avec les épreuves qui arrivent !

Maxime De Haeck alias Tonton Hafniar